Sustainability in the work environment means giving employees a say and constantly providing them with further training. 

Micarna as an employer

Work environment

Micarna is a role model in the Swiss meat industry – and that not just in terms of quality, innovative strength and sense of responsibility, but also as an employer. As a modern company we ensure the optimal personal and professional further development of our employees and offer them great career opportunities.

The health, satisfaction, performance and job motivation of employees has a crucial impact on business success, because employees are the most important production factor. Therefore, we also offer them above-average working conditions. As an M-Industry company, we also make use of the Migros collective employment contract. Good remuneration is a matter of course for us. No matter the activity, the safety of the employee is top priority; the work stations are all ergonomic and are constantly adapted to the latest standards. Staff also consistently benefits from modern work equipment. 

The canteens offer our employees healthy and varied food at inexpensive prices. In addition, employees also profit from many benefits in their free time and various leisure activities, such as memberships in our sport and leisure clubs, excursion and festivities. Only those with a satisfying leisure time can provide above-average performance on the job. 

All employees at Micarna, regardless of their level of education, are involved in a continuous training and development programme. Potential improvements are discussed in the team, goals agreed upon, goal-attainment reviewed and new goals set. In this way, our programme provides each employee with good promotion and career opportunities. Each and every employee at Micarna shares responsibility – and feels that way too.