Sustainability when it comes to seafood means not offering any fish and seafood products that are threatened with extinction. 


In the seafood sector, Micarna offers its customers a wide range of fish and seafood in first-rate quality. As a member of the WWF Seafood Group, we are committed to raw materials from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, and are dedicated to the expansion of MSC articles. The aim is to establish sustainable fisheries and especially environmentally-friendly breeding. This commitment enables us to also offer a wide range in top quality in the fish and seafood segment.

  • A look inside seafood

    Micarna’s Seafood Business Unit processes more than 7,000 tonnes annually. This corresponds to turnaround of nearly 135 million francs. Have a look inside our operation.

Seafood Business Unit subsidiaries
Micarna – KM Seafood, Schirgiswalde-Kirschau (Germany)

The demand for sustainably produced, fresh seafood products available all year round is steadily growing. This is why the Micarna Group founded the joint venture KM Seafood together with its project partner, Kirschauer Aquakulturen. This joint venture has been part of the Micarna Group since 2015 and sustainably produces fish in aquacultures with the aim of leaving the smallest possible environmental footprint behind in the process. The sustainable seafood production in eastern Germany is a worldwide unique project, for which those in charge at KM Seafood have in recent years acquired the necessary specialists and also built the appropriate production facility – always with the objective of breeding fish in aquacultures year round and thus ensuring sustainable seafood products in the region. The closed cycle means that the traceability of the fish is ensured at all times.

Micarna – Tipesca, Sigirino

The 30 year-old family run company, Tipesca, is distinguished by a wide range of fresh, smoked and prepared fish products. Tipesca offers monkfish, scallops, swordfish, crabs, sea urchins, tuna and much more – always market-fresh and in small quantities. The products are sourced from European fish markets and are rigorously inspected when being unloaded in Ticino. Essential during the inspection is the freshness of the product and maintenance of the cooling chain during transport. Origin, appropriate storage and transport as well as professional processing guarantee excellent fish and seafood products. In addition to the comprehensive fish and seafood assortment, this traditional gastronomy company also sells regional meat and charcuterie products. This tradition-rich company has belonged to Mérat & Cie. since 2017 and is thus part of the Micarna Group. In addition to a wide ranging product assortment, Tipesca is especially distinguished by its detailed logistics. Numerous gastro companies in southern Switzerland are directly supplied with seafood specialties daily.