We have set benchmarks in chicken production for more than half a century with our Optigal value creation chain.


Micarna is the leading poultry specialist in Switzerland. Its name has stood for first-rate quality and a wide range of products for more than 50 years. From selection of the parent animals, the incubation of the eggs and rearing of the poultry, through processing and on to availability in stores, Micarna has the entire value creation chain in its own hands.

  • A look inside poultry

    Micarna’s Poultry Business Unit processes more than 37,000 tonnes annually. This corresponds to turnover of nearly 300 million francs. Have a look inside our operation. 

Poultry Business Unit subsidiaries
Micarna – Favorit Geflügel, Lyss

Founded in Kappelin in 1965, the company has belonged to the Micarna Group since 2010. This producer of Swiss premium chicken is considered a Swiss poultry specialist. Whether as whole chicken, chicken breast, wings or legs – the products processed by Favorit Geflügel are all sourced from Swiss farms. The poultry masters are certified and regularly inspected. Within the framework of sustainable Swiss poultry breeding they make sure to provide optimum nutrition and the highest level of animal welfare with modern operations. The products are refined by hand by trained specialists at the Lyss production site and prepared for sales in butcher centres and retail shops. With their own Swiss hatching egg operation, rearing partners and the manual processing of products, Favorit Geflügel can ensure the seamless traceability of its products and guarantee the highest product quality and safety. 

Favorit Geflügel brochure (PDF, in German)

Website Favorit Geflügel (in German)

Micarna – Lüchinger + Schmid, Kloten

Lüchinger + Schmid is the leading Swiss producer of eggs and egg products. Around 120 employees put their competence advantage to the test with the procurement, production and logistics. Lüchinger + Schmid processes more than a million eggs every day. Each and every one of them is weighed, X-rayed and thoroughly tested. Regardless of whether it is organic, free-range, from Switzerland or Europe: every egg can always be traced back to the farm from which it originated. Labels such as “Swiss Certified” or initiatives such as “Ei mit Herz” (Egg with Heart) charaterize the product quality and the animal welfare philosophy of Lüchinger + Schmid. In a succession plan, the company was taken over by M-Industry in a first step in 2015, and operated by Saviva; and in a second step, the production/production area was integrated into the Micarna Group. Lüchinger + Schmid is being further operated as a legally independent subsidiary in the group structure under the existing name in the Poultry Business Unit.

Website Lüchinger + Schmid (in German)

Optisol, Saillon

Optisol is a leading special for plant-based nutrition in Switzerland. For nearly 50 years, the Valais-based company has processed the droppings from Swiss poultry production into high-quality fertilizer. The organic raw materials are sourced exclusively in Switzerland. Optisol recycles them by natural means and thereby creates a close, sustainable cycle of nutrients. The Optisol plant in Saillon is located near the parent animal facilities and thus the raw materials. Local recycling means that long transport routes can be avoided and that natural cycles can be optimally integrated into the product process. Through enrichment with special active substances, more than 40 different highly effective types of fertilizer are created from poultry droppings with sophisticated recipes. Whether solid or liquid, from standard product to biodegradable special fertilizer – Optisol offers the optimal solution for every culture. The products are primarily used in agriculture as well as in wine, fruit and vegetable cultivation.

Optisol brochure (PDF, in German)

Website Optisol (in German)

Micarna – Stauss Geflügel, Ertingen (Germany)


Stauss Geflügel was founded in 2014 by Bio-Geflügel Stauss e.K. and the Micarna Group in Ertingen, Germany, with the aim of providing regional and gentle processing of organic and conventional poultry according to Swiss animal welfare and production standards. The products processed at Stauss Geflügel are intended exclusively for the German market and are sourced from regional farms. The hens are reared under especially species-appropriate conditions and have sufficient quietness, space for scratching and raised seating areas. In addition to this, the sheds must be fitted with windows and access to the outdoors. Furthermore, the farms may not be further than 250 kilometres from Ertingen in order to keep transport of the livestock as short as possible. Stauss Geflügel is an example of what regional, sustainable agriculture could look like in the future – even beyond the Swiss borders. 

Stauss Geflügel brochure (PDF, in German)

Website Stauss Geflügel (in German)