We produce countless regional delicacies according to traditional recipes.


Whether raw, cured, cold or hot smoked, boiled, cooked, roasted or frozen – the variety of meat and charcuterie products is huge. Not only do we have the highest standards in terms of production and process reliability, but we also apply these standards with regard to the origin of our products.

Whether beef, veal, pork or lamb – the selection of high-quality meat products is very wide, and more than 90 per cent of them originate from Swiss farms. Micarna produces over 600 different cooked sausages, snacks and ham products, cold cuts, smoked specialities, cooked and raw sausages, as well as top-quality specialities from western Switzerland.

We stock countless regional delicacies, which are prepared using traditional recipes. The preparation options for our specialities are as varied as their flavours.

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    Micarna processes a good 160,000 tonnes of meat a year. Around 32,000 tonnes are processed into numerous charcuterie products and regional delicacies.

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Specialities manufacturers
Micarna – Gabriel Fleury, Granges

Fleury is the second largest dried meat company in Canton Valais. Founded in Bramois in 1963, the company has belonged to the Micarna Group since 2016. Among the IGP specialties the company produces are traditional dried meat, raw ham and bacon – all produced exclusively from Swiss meat in the mountains of Valais. Fleury practices the sustainable continuation and development of the traditional art of meat drying in Valais; at its production facility in Granges (VS), specialties of the highest quality are produced using original recipes. Fleury achieves top quality with cutting-edge production plants and the highest standards when it comes to hygiene, product and occupational safety. The company consistently ensures that the origin of each and every product can be seamlessly traced.

Micarna – Maurer Speck, Flüh

With his company, Ernst Mauer has produced bacon and country smoked ham and supplied the Migros cooperatives with his exclusive premium products for nearly 50 years from his Solothurn exclave in the middle of Canton Baselland. The pork that Ernst Mauer salts and smokes with the best ingredients in a classical manner over several weeks is sourced exclusively from the region. Maurer bacon is then produced by hand and salted with the company’s own special seasoning mixture. While his wife Sylvia looks after bookkeeping, Ernst Mauer produces up to one tonne of bacon along with his employees each day. This family-run business was awarded prizes multiple times in past years, including the rare “best prize” awarded by the German Agricultural Society. In a succession plan, Maurer Speck was transferred in 2015 to the Micarna SA Charcuterie Business Unit and is now a part of the Micarna Group.

Brochure Maurer Speck (PDF, in German)

Website Maurer Speck (in German)

Visit the Maurer factory outlet in Flüh (Talstrasse 55, 4112 Flüh).

Opening hours
Monday – Thursday
7 am – 11.45 am
2 pm – 5 pm

7 am – 11.45 am

every second Saturday of the month from 9 am – 12.30 pm


Payment methods: Cash or debit card (EC-Direct and Postcard). All prices include VAT.

Micarna – Natura Bündner Fleischtrocknerei, Tinizong

The Natura Bündner Fleischtrocknerei is the manufacturer of dried meat specialties for the Micarna Group. The company has produced Bündnerfleisch, Bündner raw ham, coppa and raw bacon according to traditional recipes for more than 30 years in a small, modern production plant in Tinizong. In 2009, the family-run business was transferred to Micarna’s Charcuterie Business Unit and thus became part of the Micarna Group. The interplay between selected raw materials, traditional recipes and expert processing provides the basis for the renowned premium product from the heart of Graubünden. The dried meat specialties are salted in Tinizong and then dried for several months in rooms specially outfitted for this purpose. During the drying process the meat loses nearly half its original weight while receiving its unmistakable taste at the same time. Since 2010, dried meat aficionados can purchase Natura specialties directly on site in Tinizong in a small production shop.

Brochure Natura Bündner Fleischtrocknerei

Website Natura Bündner Fleischtrocknerei

Visit the Natura factory outlet in Tinizong (Veia Cantunala 78, 7453 Tinizong).

Opening hours
Monday – Friday
9 am – 12 pm
1.30 pm – 5 pm

9 am – 4 pm
Between May and November the shop is closed on Saturdays.


Payment methods: Cash or debit card (EC-Direct and Postcard). All prices include VAT.

Micarna – Rudolf Schär, Thal

For over 60 years, Rudolf Schär has produced a wide range of meat and sausage specialties in the Säntis / Lake Constance region, and has been part of the Micarna Group since 2014. As a specialty producer, Rudolf Schär is in charge of products such as oven-baked and cured ham, dried meat sausage (Pantli) and raw meat sausage (Mostbröckli), Olma bratwurst and farm sausage (Schüblig) as well as its famous meatloaf baked in a wood-fired oven, all of which are enjoyed far beyond the region. The regional anchoring of Rudolf Schär guarantees not only proximity and hence a close relationship to their suppliers, but also short transport routes. Each product can thereby be seamlessly traced back at any time. The quality of the raw material, sustainable relationships to Swiss agriculture and the detailed production know-how play a crucial role, particularly in the specialty segment. A cutting-edge facility at the production site in Thal, St. Gallen, and around 80 trained specialists ensure the quality of these premium products.

Rudolf Schär brochure (PDF, in German)