With constant temperature and humidity, Swiss beef matures into an exquisite Rassis sur l’os speciality.

"Rassis sur l’os": matured on the bone for 21 days

"Rassis sur l’os" is the noblest way of preparing Swiss beef. All the cattle are reared in Switzerland exclusively from IP-Suisse label farms. For 21 days the selected cuts of meat are matured on the bone in special cooling rooms. With expertise and plenty of patience in the maturing process the choice meat acquires its intense, full-bodied taste.


We exclusively use Swiss beef for our "Rassis sur l’os". Our raw material comes from IP-Suisse farms which maintain animal welfare standards that go beyond the legal requirements. Products from IP-Suisse farms can be found in Migros under the TerraSuisse brand. TerraSuisse stands for animal-friendly, close-to-nature and healthy Swiss agriculture.

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Not all cuts of meat are suitable for maturing on the bone. Only prime cuts that meet the highest quality requirements are selected for the «Rassis sur l’os» maturing process. Swiss origins and the raw meat quality play a major role in the process. Each piece of our "Rassis sur l’os" can be seamlessly traced back to the farm. The meat only undergoes the maturing process after this selection process when it is stored for 21 days on the bone.

Matured on the bone

The selected cuts of beef remain on the bone for 21 days as part of a strictly monitored cooling and maturing process. There is no daylight allowed in these special cooling rooms, where the temperature and humidity are kept constant. Through microbiological, enzymatic maturation, the meat breaks down and becomes very tender. This is what gives our "Rassis sur l’os" its unique, intense flavour.

Simple preparation

Remove the piece of "Rassis sur l’os" from the refrigerator an hour before cooking. Season the meat to your taste with salt and pepper or a high-quality meat seasoning. Heat some sunflower or olive oil at the highest setting in a suitable frying pan. Then briefly fry the meat on both sides to close the pores on the surfaces. Now place the fried meat, uncovered, on an ovenproof plate in an oven preheated to 150 degrees Celsius for ten minutes. Then, once again, fry the meat on both sides in the hot frying pan until it is cooked to your liking.

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