With expertise and plenty of patience, “My Steak” acquires its intense, full-bodied taste.

“My Steak”: choice cut of meat matured on the bone

The epitome of traditional dry-aged butcher craftsmanship, “My Steak” is an old and highly exclusive dry-ageing method. Choice cuts of meat mature on the bone for at least three weeks in special cooling rooms. With expertise and plenty of patience in the maturing process the exquisite meat acquires its intense, full-bodied taste.

Micarna – TerraSuisse

We exclusively use TerraSuisse products for “My Steak”. Our raw materials come from regional IP-Suisse farms which maintain animal welfare standards that go beyond the legal requirements. TerraSuisse stands for animal-friendly, near-natural and healthy Swiss agriculture.

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Only prime cuts that meet the highest quality requirements are selected for the “My Steak” maturing process. Swiss origins and the raw meat quality play a major role in the process. Each of our “My Steak” cuts can be traced seamlessly back to the farm. The meat only undergoes the maturing process after this selection process, where it is stored for several weeks on the bone.

Intensive maturation process

The selected cuts of pork and beef are stored on the bone for several weeks in a carefully monitored cooling and maturing process. Through microbiological, enzymatic maturation, the meat breaks down and becomes very tender. This gives our “My Steak” its unique, intense taste.

Perfect cut

When the piece of meat has reached the peak of its maturation process, the bones are removed and the meat processed according to ancient butcher tradition. Subsequent packaging ensures that “My Steak” remains fresh for 10 days.

Foolproof preparation

Briefly fry the “My Steak” unseasoned on both sides for two minutes. Then place it in an oven preheated to 150ºC for ten minutes. Afterwards, allow your “My Steak” to rest for five minutes on a separate plate. Then briefly fry the meat again on both sides so that it is crispy on the outside. Finally, you can season your “My Steak” with some salt and pepper. Be sure to use high-quality salt and good pepper – your “My Steak” deserves it.

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