Sustainability along the value creation chain: from the farm to the pan.

Our understanding of sustainability

Sustainability is central to our corporate policy. Only when we manage to balance ecological, social and commercial interests will we also be successful in the future. Our comprehensive sustainability strategy pursues the goal of being the most sustainable meat, poultry, seafood and egg producer in Europe. Towards this end, we have identified ten concrete action topics along the entire value creation chain in which we aim to make improvements.

We seek to provide pioneering services and to be nothing less than the most sustainable meet, poultry, seaffod and egg producer in Europe.
Albert Baumann, Head Segment

With our sustainability commitment we strive for closed ecological cycles. We reduce the use of resources such as energy, water and raw material throughout the value creation chain. In the process, we aim to ensure long-term commerical success, comprehensively promote our employees and ensure sustainability of the ecosystem. 

To leave as little “meat on the bone” boosts cost-effectiveness while at the same time reducing food waste. Concrete performance is already evident: more than 70 per cent of the livestock we slaughter originates from sustainable label programmes. With more than 120 apprentices we are already training future specialists and managers. And we have already greatly improved energy and water consumption in our plants. 

Our comprehensive sustainability strategy and the successful cooperation with our partners in Swiss agriculture guarantee sustainable meat enjoyment with a clear conscious both for us and our customers.