Meat, poultry, fish and eggs: The Micarna Group provides the protein-containing components of our meals with its products.

Our Business Units

Whether in one of the over 1,000 Migros branches, at the butcher’s counter, in a restaurant or in the cooler – well over 2 million consumers enjoy products from the Micarna Group each day. That is why we constantly ensure that each individual production step is carried out with a high sense of responsibility and with the greatest conscientiousness – for top quality and the greatest enjoyment at a competitive price.

Towards this end, we offer more than just steak and cervelat: The Micarna Group offers a comprehensive assortment with more than 4,500 different articles ranging from fresh meat to poultry, fish and seafood to charcuterie and convenience products. We produce first-rate products according to traditional recipes. As the leader in the Swiss meat market, we also see ourselves as innovation drivers. That is why we place great importance on the continuous development of our assortment.

Business Unit Meat

Cured, cold or warm smoked, scalded, cooked, roasted or frozen – the variety of charcuterie products is enormous.

The Micarna Group produces more than 600 different boiled sausages, snacks and ham products, cold cuts, smoked specialties, cooked and raw sausages as well as specialties from western Switzerland, all in the very best quality.

We produce countless regional delicacies according to traditional recipes. The possibilities for preparation of our specialties are as equally diverse as are the flavours.

  • A look inside charcuterie

    Micarna processes a good 160,000 tonnes of meat a year. Around 32,000 tonnes are processed into numerous charcuterie products and regional delicacies. Get an insight into our charcuterie production.

Manufactories BU Meat
Micarna – Fleury, Granges

Fleury is the second largest dried meat company in Canton Valais. Founded in Bramois in 1963, the company has belonged to the Micarna Group since 2016. Among the IGP specialties the company produces are traditional dried meat, raw ham and bacon – all produced exclusively from Swiss meat in the mountains of Valais. Fleury practices the sustainable continuation and development of the traditional art of meat drying in Valais; at its production facility in Granges, specialties of the highest quality are produced using original recipes. Fleury achieves top quality with cutting-edge production plants and the highest standards when it comes to hygiene, product and occupational safety. The company consistently ensures that the origin of each and every product can be seamlessly traced.

Brochure Fleury (PDF) (in German)

Micarna – Maurer Speck, Flüh

With their company, the family Mauer has produced bacon and country smoked ham and supplied the Migros cooperatives with his exclusive premium products for nearly 50 years from his Solothurn exclave in the middle of Canton Baselland. The pork salted and smoked with the best ingredients in a classical manner over several weeks is sourced exclusively from the region. Maurer bacon is then produced by hand and salted with the company’s own special seasoning mixture. They produce up to one tonne of bacon each day. This family-run business was awarded prizes multiple times in past years, including the rare “best prize” awarded by the German Agricultural Society. In a succession plan, Maurer Speck was transferred in 2015 to the Business Unit Meat and is now a part of the Micarna Group.

Broschüre Maurer Speck (PDF) (in German)

Micarna – Natura Bündner Fleischtrocknerei, Tinizong

The Natura Bündner Fleischtrocknerei is the manufacturer of dried meat specialties for the Micarna Group. The company has produced Bündnerfleisch, Bündner raw ham, coppa and raw bacon according to traditional recipes for more than 30 years in a small, modern production plant in Tinizong. In 2009, the family-run business was transferred to the Buisness Untit Meat and became part of the Micarna Group. The interplay between selected raw materials, traditional recipes and expert processing provides the basis for the renowned premium product from the heart of Graubünden. The dried meat specialties are salted in Tinizong and then dried for several months in rooms specially outfitted for this purpose. During the drying process the meat loses nearly half its original weight while receiving its unmistakable taste at the same time. Since 2010, Natura specialties can be purchased directly in Tinizong in a small production shop.

Brochure Natura Bündner Fleischtrocknerei (PDF) 

Micarna – Rudolf Schär, Thal

For 75 years, Rudolf Schär has produced a wide range of meat and sausage specialties in the Säntis / Lake Constance region, and has been part of the Micarna Group since 2014. As a specialty producer, Schär is in charge of products such as raw meat sausage (Mostbröckli) and dried meat sausage (Pantli), oven-baked and cured ham, as well as its famous meatloaf baked in a wood-fired oven, all of which are enjoyed far beyond the region. The regional anchoring of Rudolf Schär guarantees not only proximity and hence a close relationship to their suppliers, but also short transport routes. Each product can thereby be seamlessly traced back at any time. The quality of the raw material, sustainable relationships to Swiss agriculture and the detailed production know-how play a crucial role, particularly in the specialty segment. A cutting-edge facility at the production site in Thal, St. Gallen, and around 70 trained specialists ensure the quality of these premium products.

Brochure Schär Fleischspezialitäten (PDF) (in German)

Business Unit Poultry/Egg

The Micarna Group is the leading poultry specialist in Switzerland. Its name has stood for first-rate quality and a wide range of products for more than 50 years. From selection of the parent animals, the incubation of the eggs and rearing of the poultry, through processing and on to availability in stores, the Micarna Group has the entire value creation chain in its own hands.

  • A look inside Poultry

    The Business Unit Poultry/Egg processes more than 37,000 tonnes annually. This corresponds to turnover of nearly 300 million francs. Have a look inside our operation.

  • A look inside egg dying (German)

    About 25 million eggs are cooked and dyed each year in the egg dying plant of Lüchinger + Schmid in Flawil. About half of them are painted in the two months before Easter; the rest are cooked and dyed as picnic eggs in the other months and sold in the supermarkets. A look behind the scenes shows how eggs are dyed industrially and explains how the idea of colouring white eggs came about.

Brands and subsidiaries oft the BU Poultry / Egg
Das Versprechen hinter Optigal

The Optigal brand guarantees consumers high quality, hygiene and safety. Poultry products are produced and processed in Switzerland according to strict guidelines. The animals live in animal-friendly sheds and have access to a winter garden throughout the year.

Mehr zu Optigal (German)

Broschüre Optigal (PDF) (in German and french)

Micarna – Favorit Geflügel AG, Lyss

Founded in Kappelin in 1965, the company has belonged to the Micarna Group since 2010. This producer of Swiss premium chicken is considered a Swiss poultry specialist. Whether as whole chicken, chicken breast, wings or legs – the products processed by Favorit are all sourced from Swiss farms. The poultry masters are certified and regularly inspected. Within the framework of sustainable Swiss poultry breeding they make sure to provide optimum nutrition and the highest level of animal welfare with modern operations. The products are refined by hand by trained specialists at the Lyss production site and prepared for sales in butcher centres and retail shops. With their own Swiss hatching egg operation, rearing partners and the manual processing of products, Favorit can ensure the seamless traceability of its products and guarantee the highest product quality and safety.

Broschüre Favorit Geflügel AG (PDF) (in German)

Optisol, Vétroz

Optisol is a leading special for plant-based nutrition in Switzerland. For nearly 50 years, the Valais-based company has processed the droppings from Swiss poultry production into high-quality fertilizer. The organic raw materials are sourced exclusively in Switzerland. Optisol recycles them by natural means and thereby creates a close, sustainable cycle of nutrients. The Optisol plant in Vétroz is located near the parent animal facilities and thus the raw materials. Local recycling means that long transport routes can be avoided and that natural cycles can be optimally integrated into the product process. Through enrichment with special active substances, more than 40 different highly effective types of fertilizer are created from poultry droppings with sophisticated recipes. Whether solid or liquid, from standard product to biodegradable special fertilizer – Optisol offers the optimal solution for every culture. The products are primarily used in agriculture as well as in wine, fruit and vegetable cultivation.

Website Optisol (in German)

Broschüre Optisol (PDF) (in German)

Micarna – Lüchinger + Schmid, Kloten und Flawil

Lüchinger + Schmid is the leading Swiss producer of eggs and egg products. Around 120 employees put their competence advantage to the test with the procurement, production and logistics. Lüchinger + Schmid processes more than a million eggs every day. Each and every one of them is weighed, X-rayed and thoroughly tested. Regardless of whether it is organic, free-range, from Switzerland or Europe: every egg can always be traced back to the farm from which it originated. Labels such as “Swiss Certified” or initiatives such as “Ei mit Herz” (Egg with Heart) charaterize the product quality and the animal welfare philosophy of Lüchinger + Schmid. In a succession plan, the company was taken over by Migros Industry in a first step in 2015. And in a second step, the production area was integrated into the Micarna Group. Lüchinger + Schmid is being further operated as a legally independent subsidiary in the Group structure in the Business Unit Poultry/Egg.

Website Lüchinger + Schmid (German)

Broschüre Lüchinger + Schmid (PDF) (in German)

Business Unit Seafood

In the seafood sector, Micarna offers its customers a wide range of fish and seafood in first-rate quality. As a member of the WWF Seafood Group, we are committed to raw materials from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, and are dedicated to the expansion of MSC articles. The aim is to establish sustainable fisheries and especially environmentally-friendly breeding. This commitment enables us to also offer a wide range in top quality in the fish and seafood segment.

  • A look inside Seafood

    Micarna’s Business Unit Seafood processes more than 7,000 tonnes annually. This corresponds to turnaround of nearly 135 million francs. Have a look inside our operation.

Brands and subsidiaries oft the BU Seafood
Micarna – KM Seafood, Schirgiswalde-Kirschau (Deutschland)

The Micarna Group founded the joint venture KM Seafood together with its project partner, Kirschauer Aquakulturen. This joint venture has been part of the Micarna Group since 2015 and sustainably produces fish in aquacultures with the aim of leaving the smallest possible environmental footprint behind in the process. The sustainable seafood production in eastern Germany is a worldwide unique project, for which those in charge at KM Seafood have in recent years acquired the necessary specialists and also built the appropriate production facility – always with the objective of breeding fish in aquacultures year round and thus ensuring sustainable seafood products in the region. The closed cycle means that the traceability of the fish is ensured at all times.

Broschüre KM Seafood (PDF) (in German)

Swiss Aquakulturen, Birsfelden

The demand for sustainably produced, fresh seafood products available all year round is steadily growing. At the same time, the fish population in our waters is decreasing. For this reason, the Micarna Group has been working intensively in the recent years on the reproduction and growing of fish in so-called recirculation systems - always with the aim of producing fish from sustainable sources all year round without leaving a large ecological footprint.The young fish come from the company's own fish farm in eastern Germany and are raised and processed regionally in Birsfelden. In this way, Micarna has the entire value chain in its own hands. In this way, origin, food safety, animal welfare, environmental impact and processing quality can be 100% guaranteed throughout all stations of the value chain.

Video Swiss Aquakulturen (German)

Business Unit Gastro Service / Mérat

Micarna Group's customers also include operators of gastronomic establishments. With the Swiss gastronomy specialist Mérat AG we also support restaurateurs, top chefs and large-scale catering establishments. The company, which is over 70 years old, is regarded as one of the leading partners of restaurants and large-scale consumers. Customers benefit both from strongly networked knowledge within the largest producer of meat, poultry, fish and egg products, and from constant cooperation with Swiss Gastro Solutions AG, which is also part of Migros Industrie.

  • A look Insight Mérat AG (German)

    During production, every single process is carried out with a high sense of responsibility and the utmost conscientiousness - for first-class quality at competitive prices.

Brands and subsidiaries oft the BU Gastro Service / Mérat
Micarna – Tipesca, Sigirino

The 30 year-old family run company, Tipesca, is distinguished by a wide range of fresh, smoked and prepared fish products. Tipesca offers monkfish, scallops, swordfish, crabs, sea urchins, tuna and much more – always market-fresh and in small quantities. The products are sourced from European fish markets and are rigorously inspected when being unloaded in Ticino. Essential during the inspection is the freshness of the product and maintenance of the cooling chain during transport. Origin, appropriate storage and transport as well as professional processing guarantee excellent fish and seafood products. In addition to the comprehensive fish and seafood assortment, this traditional gastronomy company also sells regional meat and charcuterie products. This tradition-rich company has belonged to Mérat AG since 2017 and is thus part of the Micarna Group. In addition to a wide ranging product assortment, Tipesca is especially distinguished by its detailed logistics. Numerous gastro companies in southern Switzerland are directly supplied with seafood specialties daily.

Broschüre Tipesca (PDF) (in German)

Mérat & Cie. AG

It once began as a small family butcher's shop, it became one of the most important Swiss catering suppliers when it comes to meat, poultry and seafood specialties. What has remained the same over the decades is the love of the product, the craft craftsmanship and, above all, regionality. Because Switzerland offers a great variety of culinary delights: from the west to the east of Switzerland, from Ticino to Schaffhausen. We believe in the importance of this regional diversity and therefore supply our customers daily from our nine regional gastro-butcheries. Fresh and uncomplicated.

Website Mérat AG (German)

Broschüre Mérat AG (PDF) (in German)