Each person finds the appropriate challenge at Micarna. We are always looking for new team members.

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Micarna as an employer

Around 3,000 people from more than 80 nations work at Micarna. The joy in tackling the job and contributing ideas are part of what we do every day. Regardless of whether in production, the technical and logistics areas or in administration – a wide variety of people with diverse qualifications and backgrounds find a professional home with us. The motto, “a good deal better together”, is what connects us.

In accordance with the progressive Migros Group employee culture, at Micarna we offer our employees many benefits. We thus apply the Migros national collective employment contact, one of the best collective employment contracts in Switzerland. We offer home working options for administration employees and are also steadily expanding our number of qualified part-time positions. Micarna pays fair salaries, takes individual life circumstances into account and offers diverse further development opportunities.

Micarna - Part of the Migros Group

As the largest private employer in Switzerland, Migros has taken on a role model function for many years, including in the areas of recruiting and personnel development. As an M-Industry company, we are also part of the Migros world and demonstrate their principles of conduct. We therefore invest considerably in the education and training as well as in the personality development of our employees, because they form one of the most important cornerstones of our success – today and tomorrow.

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Micarna pays its employees fair and market-rate wages. The basis for determining the salary is formed by the M-FEE personnel management and remuneration system (employ – manage – develop – remunerate). M-FEE also forms the basis for the annual potential evaluation and facilitates a differentiated qualification procedure. The content is comprised of the three components: function, performance and experience.

All employees subject to the L-GAV are entitled to five to seven weeks of holiday each calendar year.

  • Up until the 20th year of employment: five weeks
  • From the 21st to 30th year of employment or as of age 50: six weeks
  • As of the 31st year of employment or 60 years of age: seven weeks

Youths until their 20th birthday and apprentices enjoy six weeks of holiday each calendar year.

All employees at Micarna, regardless of their level of education, are involved in a continuous training and development program. This enables excellent advancement and career opportunities. The “Personnel Development” department is in charge of individual further development. This ten-member team determines the current and future market requirements of Micarna and for its employees, making it possible to offer professional and personal further training with the best future perspectives. Further, as an employer, Micarna makes a generous contribution to employees for courses at Migros Club School.

As Migros employees, Micarna staff enjoys above-average social benefits.

  • Micarna actively promotes the compatibility of job and family. This means, for example, 18 weeks of paid maternity leave and three weeks of paid paternity leave. Micarna also offers its own childcare facility in Bazenheid and a municipal childcare facility in Courtepin for professional care of the youngest Micarna team members and also provides financial support for them.
  • Micarna encourages flexible seasonal working models that enable employees to reconcile their job and family. These include job sharing, home office and part-time work (for management employees as well). 
  • The benefits of the Migros Pension Fund are significantly higher than the legal minimum. All employees retire at age 64; upon request, early retirement is possible at age 58. After regular Migros retirement, employees receive an AHV compensative pension until the government AHV pension payments come into effect at age 65 – an exclusive Migros benefit.
  • Through the sickness indemnity insurance, Micarna employees receive their wages even when they are ill.
Micarna – Friendly Work Space

Micarna was the first industrial concern in the world to be distinguished as a “Friendly Work Space” in 2009. The label distinguishes companies for systematic operational health management. It certifies that we take the well-being of our employees seriously. The label must be renewed every three years: Micarna was distinguished with the label for the third time in 2015.

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Micarna – Company sports club

Micarna believes that only those who have fulfilling leisure time can provide above-average job performance. This brings many benefits for our employees and their families: memberships in sports and leisure clubs, festivities and excursions for colleagues, friends and family are generously supported. The company’s own sports clubs also offer many training opportunities and events for employees and the whole family.

Thinking for oneself and contributing ideas are not only encouraged at Micarna, but also rewarded. The Micarna Excellence Programme (MEX) has been set up to receive our employees’ ideas. This provides employees with various possibilities to contribute their ideas. Idea management means that each employee can contribute their own proposals or get involved as a group in the quality circle. Regardless of how employees participate in the improvement of the company, all ideas are reviewed and are also often implemented within the scope of numerous projects. This innovative strength really pays off: Micarna rewards all employees whose ideas are implemented within the framework of the company. We also make time and space available to our employees for their projects within the framework of the quality circle, because our employees’ ideas form the basis of our innovative strength as a company.

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Micarna – Employees have a say

Micarna is a fair partner and meets its employees eye to eye. They have the possibility to actively contribute through the Personnel Commission (PEKO). This commission takes the health, economic and social interests of employees into consideration and, as the link between the staff and management, promotes the exchanging of information and ideas.

Maflü – integration for refugees

With its “Maflü” training and integration project, since 2016, Micarna has offered refugees the opportunity to prepare for an education in the framework of a special internship. They are supported in the process with professional training, a German language instructor as well as by public institutions.