It's not about show and shock, it is about the variety alternative protein sources offer us.

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Simply-Bugs: focus on alternative protein sources

Micarna will be appearing in the Swiss Pavillion at this year's Anuga with its Simply-Bugs-Products, with two top innovations as part of the "Taste 19" special exhibition. The long-established Swiss company will also be demonstrating the possibilities now offered by alternative protein sources in our culinary diversity, and why insects represent a sustainable alternative to traditional meat products.

Between steak lovers and vegetarians, between varied moments of culinary pleasure and the demand for a sustainable nutritional philosophy for a growing global population – the world's largest specialist fair in the food economy and food industry, Anuga, is not only about the latest products, but also the sociopolitical question of our dietary habits. The fact that our culinary habits are changing is not new. Globalisation as well as technical and agronomic developments now offer us diverse moments of culinary pleasure which would have been unthinkable for previous generations. However, they also present us with unprecedented challenges: Climate change, food waste, packaging waste and an increasingly hungry global population.

Verarbeitete Insekten als Geschmackskomponenten

Away from shock, towards pleasure

Food production in general and the meat industry in particular are experiencing change. New approaches must be found in the production, the manufacture and also in the development of alternative protein sources. In the course of this year's Anuga, Micarna will be presenting answers to these developments with its Simply-Bugs-Products, showing what enjoyable culinary options there are in alternative protein sources, as part of the "Taste 19" special innovation exhibition. "It's not about show and shock, it is about the variety alternative protein sources offer us," explains Ralph Langholz.

Processed insects as flavour components

For the head of alternative protein sources at Micarna, it is not primarily about European customers starting to eat whole insects instead of a juicy steak: "For us it is more about the processing of insects. We use insects as protein suppliers and interesting flavour components in the manufacture of meat-free products. For us the processing of insects is not competition for meat, but rather an exciting addition to our menu." The Simply-Bugs-Products are manufactured from mealworm flour as protein suppliers. As well as insects as protein suppliers, the Simply-Bugs-Products also contain additional natural ingredients such as carrots, leeks or chickpeas. "All our ingredients are 100 percent natural, GMO-free, with no flavour enhancers or other chemical ingredients," explains the 47-year-old.

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