The Anuga in Cologne exhibits the latest food trends and discusses ongoing changes in the field of nutrition.

Anuga – Micarna cricket balls win innovation prize

Micarna presented their Pop-Bugs for the first time at the Anuga food fair. The original insect product
was also honored with the innovation prize as part of the “Taste 17” exhibition as well as with the
“Show Star” award by the food magazine “Lebensmittelpraxis”.


What will the world of tomorrow taste like? How can we surprise our consumers in the coming year? And how should a growing global population be fed in the coming decades? Anuga, the leading fair for the food industry, dealed with exactly these questions. More than 200,000 visitors and a good 7,000 exhibitors from 100 countries presented the latest trends and products in Cologne.

In addition to this, the most innovative creations were awarded at the special exhibition “Taste 17”. Micarna was honored for its Pop-Bugs, the first cricket flour product. After the innovation prize for the “Paprika Wave Chips” (2013) and the “Chicken Gelati” (2015), this year’s award was the third innovation prize in the series at the renowned food fair. In addition to the innovation award at the fair itself, Micarna was also awarded the “ShowStar” by the food magazine “Lebensmittelpraxis” in the category of originality.

Micarna - Pop-Bugs

The new Pop-Bogs are officially our first snack made with insect protein. The meatballs made with insect flour are not only impressive in terms of flavour, but also optically. Packaged in an innovative cardboard bowl with an integrated serving function, Pop-Bugs can be presented and consumed right in the sophisticated packaging with the dips that come with them. This means that not only enjoyment, but plenty of conversation is guaranteed. The original insect product will also be honored with the innovation prize as part of the “Taste 17” exhibition.

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Micarna - Chickies

Not only is the raw material used in our nutrition changing, so is the way we consume our products. The change is reflected in the second “Taste 17” project presented: Chickies. The small, diced poultry snack provides the perfect snack – regardless of whether in the schoolyard, on a hike or while watching sports with friends. Micarna Chickies are the perfect answer to the current discussion about “low fat” nutrition. The combination of diced poultry with cherries and honey not only provides an unforgettable taste experience, but also makes it possible to enjoy a snack that is healthier than other sugar-filled snacks. Micarna Chickies are available in resealable snack packages and are perfect for stocking up on protein while on the go.


Micarna - Fleur de Viande

Less for hurried times, and more for a cosy evening at home – that is what the new “Fleur de Viande” has been developed for: meat as an exquisite seasoning component. What at first may sound unusual, promises to be the combination of two high-quality top products from Switzerland. “Fleur de Viande” is the combination of our Natura Bündnerfleisch and the finest Swiss alpine herbs. The innovative two-chamber spice mill makes it possible to individually portion the meat and the herb components and offers the perfect topic of conversation for a discussion of one’s favourite seasoning mix. The meat-seasoning combination comes in the flavours: “Alpine Chili”, “Salad Mix” and “Raclette Mix”, and is suited to many dishes – from pasta to risotto as well as in tasty salads.