We learn more than just a profession at Micarna; we take on responsibility and run our own company.


Micarna offers 17 different training professions. More than 130 apprentices are currently completing their professional basic training at the Courtepin (Freiburg) and Bazenheid (St. Gallen) locations. The decision to enter into a profession is one of most important in life. At Micarna, apprentices receive not only thorough training and close accompaniment, but also are given access to their own professional training island: Mazubi Island.

All 17 professions are described on Mazubi Island; there is further information about the application process, trial opportunities and training models. Learn about the Micarna training world.

More about Mazubi Island, our professional training island


Micarna – entrepreneurs of the future

Micarna apprentices manage their own company: the Mazubi. With support from their trainers, apprentices develop, produce and market their own products.