Swiss meat means that we look after our livestock on our family farms. 

Ulrich Graf, poultry producer


With its extraordinarily strict animal and environmental protection guidelines, Switzerland lays the foundation for environmentally and socially sustainable products. Towards this end, we use Swiss products whenever possible.

Micarna works with numerous long-term partners from the Swiss agriculture sector. Together with the Swiss Farmers’ Union, with project managers, such as IP-Suisse or Bio Suisse, and in exchange with Swiss Animal Protection, we are committed to the sustainable development of Swiss agriculture. 

When we are obliged to import raw materials, we make every effort to ensure that the animal welfare and sustainability standards in the countries of origin are satisfactory. Together with Migros, Micarna has formulated a directive on responsible practices as regards the import of meat.

With a sales volume exceeding 130,000 tonnes, Micarna is also among the leading partners of the Swiss agriculture sector. Nearly every second chicken and every fourth pig that is slaughtered in Switzerland is processed at Micarna. 

Origin per species

99.6% Switzerland 0.4% Import
89.4% Switzerland 10.6% Import
94.4% Switzerland 5.6% Import
99.4% Switzerland 0.6% Import